When the introverted thinker turned three, her mother brought home a baby.

The introverted thinker loved the baby. She met people at the door and said, "Come see my baby." They did!

On the second day the baby was home, the introverted thinker asked her mother, "May I put this dress on her?"

The mother thought. The baby was nearly ten pounds, with a face like three moons, and sturdy. "You must be very gentle," said the mother.

The IT carefully took the onesie off the baby and carefully put the little dress, with the lace, on the baby. The baby opened her eyes a slit and looked at IT. Then she went back to sleep. The little dress was for a newborn, but this baby was not small. It barely fit, but IT did the small buttons.

This was near to Easter and IT got a basket. The baby got another dress. One day, the mother went to take a shower. The baby started crying and cried louder. Then she stopped. The mother worried a little and hurried.

The mother came out of the bathroom, rushing. IT smiled at her. "Cwissy LIKES chocolate easter bunny." The baby was in her chair, with chocolate smeared all around her mouth. She was awake now and her small tongue was trying to reach every last taste of chocolate. The ears of the chocolate bunny were moist and a bit melted.

And that is how the introverted thinker comforted the baby.

I don't remember this, of course. My mother told the stories and many more.

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