Well, I'm sure you've all heard about those tobacco lawsuits. You know, where somebody dies/gets lung cancer from smoking cigarettes. Well the US Supreme Court has found the tobacco industry guilty of conspiracy to keep the public from finding out the truth about cigarettes: They're bad for you.
Of course, some people disagree with the decisions to punish the tobacco industry for doing something after you say it's okay to do so, and some radicals even go so far as to claim that smokers know the dangers of smoking. But, obviously, if people knew that it could kill them, they wouldn't smoke, right?
So for all you "pro-responsibility" people, here are the facts:

The US Government realized that smoking is bad for your health, so they told the tobacco companies that they had to put a label on each package warning people that it could make them sick or kill them, HOWEVER, the Government didn't tell them that language the labels had to be in! "Ah ha!" thought the tobacco industry, "A loophole!" So, as you might imagine, the evil tobacco companies put the labels on each and every package of cigarettes, just as ordered but with an unanticipated twist: ALL THE LABELS WERE IN ENGLISH! Since Americans don't speak english, nobody knew what it said and were unaware of the dangers of smoking.

I have no idea what language people do speak in this country, but apparently it's not english. If you find out what it really is, please tell me, 'cause I need to learn it.

(Read more about these lawsuits at http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/national/tobaccolaws.htm)

What next, suing Home Depot for selling the lead pipe that killed Professor Plumb?

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