A game played amongst a group of friends. Players take turns to choose a truth or a dare, and then must either answer a personal question truthfully, or to perform a dare, both of which are decided by the other players. Players who ask too probing questions or demand extravagant dares get what they deserve when it all comes back to them.

a fantastic game mainly associated with pre-pubescent girls, however, it is much more fun to play it with older people as they generally have more secrets. it is an unwritten rule that you must always select "truth", or else you will be beaten with sticks. a good way of extrapolating information, especially for those who lack communication skills.

A book by Starhawk. Full title: Truth or Dare: Encounters with Power, Authority, and Mystery.

Truth or Dare presents Starhawk's theories on the nature of power and practical exercises for groups who want to challenge the traditional patriarchical life-denying power-over models of leadership and decision-making, and implement empowering, life-affirming, power-from-within and power-with models.

Starhawk is a ecofeminist witch (part of the pagan faith constellation) and makes use of magic, myth, and ritual in her explanations and exercises.

An understanding of power-from-within is the foundation of true consensus decision making. If it is understood that each person has the right to direct their own affairs and make decisions for themselves, then most leadership models become problematic. Even democracy, that Holy Grail of political systems, is based on one group of people making decisions for another group of people.

Truth or Dare provides two things: 1) ways to work within groups to deconstruct patriarchical thinking patterns 2) alternative ways of thinking about authority and legitimacy and coming to decisions as a group. So basically, how to truly throw out that which doesn't work and figure out what does, in creating non-hierarchical, empowering, life-affirming communities for living and for political action. This is revolutionary stuff.

An expanded version of Truth or Dare is played in certain areas, such as rural Iowa where there is nothing else to do. This version is called "Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Promise to Repeat, Fire and Ice." The dares are as follows:

Truth: answer a personal question, such as "Who do you have a crush on?"
Dare: minor dare, such as eating a whole stick of butter or playing Ding Dong Ditch
Double Dare: bigger dare, usually involving public nudity or liberating garden gnomes
Promise to Repeat: You must yell something embarrassing in public later. Usually the dare here is to yell "I am a retard!" on the playground the next day.
Fire and Ice: Similar to "Promise to Repeat" but more daring. This often requires repeating something that could get you beat up or put in detention, such as calling the school bully "retard" or calling your teacher "fatass"

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