Yes, the gods know, men certainly don't want anything to do with companionship, love, or understanding; and absolutely every guy I know hates chocolate.

What the hell is this fluff? I mean, I'm all down with fluff that serves a purpose--say, humor, or maybe satire or even poetry (which is often fluff, but which kicks ass anyway if done right). This is just silliness. Was this done to get XP? Looking at its rep, I certainly hope not.

Let's try to save this node a little, just because I don't want to have simply added to the fluff by tearing it down and leaving.

-Protecting the young. This is a big one, and trust me, even in today's primally-watered-down world, you *don't* want to mess with this.
-Aquisition of a monogamous relationship. This is originally a female concern, because it was nice to have a guy around all the time to kill the bears and fend off theives and all that good shit. (They're still useful for killing spiders and checking noises in the night!)
-Housekeeping. Yes, you heard me right, even though I suck at it. Ever since we were hunter/gatherers, women have been keeping house. Most of the reasons for this come from the fact that she did the birthing and early raising of a child almost exclusively--and still does--and a clean, safe environment is necessary to raise a kid in.
the quintessential spiritual longing
to couple
experienceclitoral cacophony
linger in undulant urgency
feel the frenetic
hankering for Good Old Fashioned Fucking
a karmic kiss, cosmic caress, intimacy colliding
with lasting communion...if only
for 20 minutes.

Often confused with the urge to Buy new shoes.

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