Her name is Christine, and she makes my life hell..

She is this woman I work with. I will not tell you what a moron/stupid idiot/childishly perfectionistic twit-brat she is.. I will support it with evidence and dates if I can recall them.

I recently got a new job at a help desk and there was another lady hired at the same time I was. Yes, she is Christine. It took me 2 minutes to deduct that she got the job because of who she knows... she is the golfing buddy of the head of network security. Oh joy.

3 days before start of new job

Phone call from Christine. "datagirl, what is an IT person? What does this IT mean!? I do not know!" I tell her she can find the files they are requesting if she just searches her C: drive for them. "That will take too long." Uh hUh. She finally gets someone to do it for her.    The really funny thing here is, our new department is an IT department.

2nd day of training

At lunch, Christine says to me, "You know, I am just one of those people who have to be the best at whatever I am doing".. oh great team attitude.. I could immediately sense this woman is going to be a real joy to work with! I reassured her that this "intensive training" we were recieving was not a competition and told her to relax and stop taking things so seriously. She still competes with me. Which is stupid, because work is work and not a competition.

3rd day of training

"datagirl come over here! The network is broken!".. I am on the network already, so I know nothing is broken. I ask her if she has mistyped her password. She says, "NO it just doesn't work! The network is down!!" I asked her how many times she typed it in... "4 times"... I tell her to call the Computer Support Center because if she tries her password wrong more than 3 times, they will have to reset it. She says "No! That's not right! I'm calling Janet! Our IT person!" .. Janet comes down, and calls the computer support center for her.

5th day of training:

"datagirl, your socks don't match today!" I don't give a damn if my socks don't match..! 5 minutes later.. "datagirl, eye booger!", as she makes little swiping motions from her eye. Yes I had an eye booger. I was tempted to eat it just to scare her. She is gettting on my nerves seriously bad. A few minutes later I find her staring at my socks with an appalled look on her face, hehe she noticed that I don't shave my legs! WOO!! Hell yeah! I am not a slave to society or people's girlie standards. I wear no makeup. Bite me. hehe

Some time the next week:

"datagirl, come here! How do I move this window!? I click on its edge, but the damn thing keeps resizing itself!".. I tell her to click on the top blue bar, I point at it with my finger, placing my hand specifically so it leaves fingerprints all over her screen.. she says, "Why does everything have to be so complicated!?"

March 21st

I notice that I've gotten quite a few calls today. I check our ticket count for the day at 2:00pm and we had recieved 45 calls so far. I took 37 of them.

Earlier that day..we were going to a meeting. She thinks it is in conference room 17G, I tell her, "No that is just the ground floor. The email said to meet our boss in the cafeteria at 9:00". She says, "NO! 17G is a conference room on the 3rd floor!" I tell her, no 17 is the number of our building and G means ground floor, where the cafeteria is.. In the elevator to the ground floor, after trekking there to show her that no such conference room exists, she says, "WHAT!? Do you want me to tell you that you're RIGHT?!" hehe. Prior to that comment, I had said, "See, it's in the cafeteria".. Note I did not say, "TOLD YOU SO DUMBASS!"

Now I know why I get the urge to kill her

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