Stupid people are easily spotted from their behaviour.

Stupid people are the ones who are quick to judge the intelligence of others

Oh come off it.

Some people are stupid. Someone has to be at the bottom of the bell curve of intelligence. You can say, "but they have a lovely nature" or, "they are very skilled with their hands" or "but they are so pretty" as often as you like, but it still won't skip over they fact that they are stupid. Dull witted. Lacking in understanding. Lacking in sense. Not clever. Slow.

Telling someone they are stupid may not be polite, or kind or socially acceptable, but what if it's the truth? Calling someone out of earshot stupid: is that acceptable?Should we say intellectually challenged, and mention a learning disability or two?

Stupidity is not the same thing as ignorance, nor has it anything to do with being poorly educated.

The Hierarchy of Stupid People

First, please note that all people are stupid. This is just the breakdown of the quantity and quantity of stupid as it relates to certain percentages of people

Group 1: The Complete Idiots (minority of people)

Characteristics:does not pass go, does not collect $200 because they are that fucking stupid. Just doesn't get it, doesn't even know that there's something wrong, blissful oblivion.
Group 2: The Compensators (majority of people)

characteristics: still fucking stupid. but they kinda know that something's wrong... so they go in either of two ways:
  • mass conformity: tries to follow what others think is cool. draws a great divide between "cool" and "uncool." usually the ones to commit hate crimes in order to validate themselves...
  • rebels: tries to be different just to prove that they don't have to take "normal shit." against the "man." uses popularized abstractions, thereby diluting meaning of words such as "spirituality," "loneliness," "beauty," "conformity."
note: as similar patterns can be noticed in each bulleted point, the two classifications can be lumped together under one heading.
Group 3: The Elite (small percentage of people)

characteristics: still stupid (as all people are stupid), but have either/both of the following qualities: (the ideal group)

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