How to Make the Rice and Ketchup Entree, By Dragonier Zapp, who is appearantly an idiotic fool in the posting (and eating) of such a dish.

1 Pound Hamburger
1-2 Diced Onions *Optional*
2-3 Cups of Rice
4-6 Cups of Water *Must be twice the amount of Rice*
One Big bottle of Ketchup!
Big Frying Pan
Smallish sauce pan

First, take One Pound of Hamburger *and Onions if wanted* and brown it in Frying Pan.

Mix Rice with Water in Smallish sauce pan, and let rest until boils. Then, turn down to Medium Heat, and let sit for 10 minutes, or until rice is tender, whichever comes first.

Afterwards, Mix Rice and Hamburger into a bowl (preferably a Mixing Bowl the size of Texas) And add Ketchup to lightly cover the rice. Serves a bunch of people, Serving Size: Whatever. Add whatever you feel as a Garnish to the mix. Personal perfered are: Soy Sauce, Parmesan Cheeze, and Salsa

Warning: This stuff does taste good.

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