An apocryphal incident attributed to Led Zeppelin. The story goes that the band were staying in a hotel in Portland, Oregon which was situated right on a pier above a lake. Hotel management provided fishing tackle for the amusement of guests, who could literally fish out their windows. Supposedly, Richard Cole and John Bonham had been fishing all day, bringing in a good number of fish, when a young groupie was brought into their room. Allegedly, she was stripped, tied to the bed, and the fish* was used in...ahem, a deviant manner on her person. Apparently she loved the attentions given to her.

There is no concensus on the exact type of fish involved. Richard Cole claims it was a Red Snapper (and since the groupie was supposedly a redhead he claims to have remarked "Let's see how your 'red snapper' likes THIS red snapper.")

Others say it was a mud shark. Frank Zappa, who was the chief patron of the organization to whom this groupie belonged, memorialized the incident in his scathing song by the same title ("Mud Shark"). In the song, Frank says that it was only Vanilla Fudge that was involved. However, MANY other sources, most sources in fact, cite Led Zeppelin as the main instigators, with Vanilla Fudge as accompices and on-lookers.

It should be noted that there is no evidence other than the coked out ramblings of Richard Cole to support this rumor. The members of the band have no memory of it. Supposedly a roadie for Vanilla Fudge was present and filmed the incident. Conveniently enough, no one can locate said film.

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