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Rain I enjoy when it is coupled with warm weather. The icy, stinging rain of Fall and Winter I do not like at all. What I most welcome about the summer humidity is the sudden thunderstorm which gives a good drenching and then dissipates as quickly. Nighttime makes for spectacular electrical display.

Today I got caught in such a thunderstorm, for the 92ยบF weather seems to indicate Nature passed over Spring in favor of Summer.

The sky had been menacing all day. Poking my head of the window, I could hear the distant, sonorous rumbling of a contented giant and I strained my eyes in search of any interesting electrical activity. There was none. So I shut the window and resumed my work. A short time later, I was interrupted by by a thunderclap as loud as a cannon and a sudden intensification of the rain. What was before a drizzle became a downpour. Heedless of the rain, I stuck my head out of the window; I could tell lightning was arcing directly above the building I was in, but the angle did not afford me a good view. The smell of ozone permeated the air. I entered the bathroom and clambered out onto a sloping roof which sheltered a one-story porch. The show was spectacular.

Unfortunately, the lightning did not strike the nearby tree, nor any other object. I've never seen a direct hit before. I think I'd like to see an ugly cellular tower be destroyed, but they're probably equipped with lightning rods. Oh, well.

I don't suppose it was very bright of me to enter the rain and get drenched, but the bathroom was easily accessible.

You think it strange of me? I just enjoy the rain as some enjoy the sun. And my form of worship is probably healthier. (But I run the risk of being struck by lightning, as a soft-linker pointed out. I'm glad to see you're concerned about my well-being.)
But the storm is probably why I can only connect at 9,600 bps. Grr!

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