Legendary golfer who played on the PGA Tour and the Senior PGA Tour. Nicklaus played on the PGA Tour for 37 years with an earning of $5,697,038, and on the Senior PGA Tour for 9 years with an earning of $2,608,576. In total for his professional golfing career he has earned $8,305,614.

He still holds records in both the PGA and Senior PGA tours. For the PGA Tour, he has won the most major championship victories at 20 with: 6 Masters, 5 PGA Championships, 4 U.S. Opens, 3 British Opens, and 2 U.S. Amateurs. For the Senior PGA Tour he holds the best 72-hole score, 261 (65-68-64-64), at 27 under par, doing this at the 1990 Senior TPC.

He is nick-named the Golden Bear and rivals the talent of Tiger Woods when he was in his prime. To date, he is considered one of the best to ever play golf. Born on January 21st, 1940 in Columbus, Ohio. He has a wife named Barbara, 5 children, and 11 grandchildren. He currently resides in North Palm Beach, Florida. He also has been designing high quality and respected golf courses for over 3 decades. He, with his sons and sons-in-law, represent Nicklaus Design. Many believe his design team is one of the best in the world.

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