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The thumping freedom en masse

The thumping freedom en masse
Has lain its gentle emancipation
The liberty of thought and movement
A beat fueling a nation

The head directing with fingers
Which stroke the synthetic concentrics
The rising frequency condemned
To sinuously play and mix

The spasms rendered in liquid
Will entertain the freshly adjusted
The bump and pulse weave in
A freedom left to be trusted

I wrote this poem for my AP English class as extra credit. The poem had to conform to certain specs in order to get credit. Even though I hate conforming to any kind of structure, I feel this turned out rather well. Most of the kids in my class turned in some pretty trite love poems about their boy/girlfriends. I, on the other hand, wowed the teacher (whom I don't particularly have a fondness for). She did, however, attempt to accuse me of plagiarizing e.e. cummings and Ezra Pound. She seemed satisfied that I had not when I responded with, "Ezra who?". Apparrently my style similar to theirs. I honestly wouldn't know because I don't particularly like reading all that much.

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