Theo de Raadt lives in Calgary, Canada. He is the one of the founders of the NetBSD project, the founder of the OpenBSD project, and an amateur alcohol brewer.

Theo has a reputation as being a great kernel and overall hacker. However, he also does have a very "rough" personality. This led to his removal from the NetBSD core team in December 1994, although the direct reason was later resolve to be due to a user spamming his e-mail, his habit of dragging confilicts out into the mailing lists (Causing his permanent ban from the NetBSD and FreeBSD mailing lists in October 1996) and harsh attitude toward users had left him with a bad rap. This including internal bickering in core as well as certain conflicts with other core members led him to create OpenBSD. The project would eventually take its now famous pro-active security stance after Theo was cracked (Supposedly by a NetBSD developer).

Whatever the case, Theo is a wonderful hacker, and has made well-respected contributions to the BSD community. He also enjoys eating pizza, mountain biking, and peak bagging.

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