This expression refers to removing the very tough skin from the delicate flesh of a catfish. There are many ways to skin a catfish and all were initially developed through trial and error in attempt to find the best way to remove the skin without tearing the edible flesh into smaller bits and chunks. Like most fish, an intact one-piece half-fish fillet of catfish is most desirable for cooking (battered, breaded, and pan fried). To obtain such catfish fillets, takes knack and technique.

The most often used method for skinning cats goes somethinglike this. I saw this on the discovery channel.

  • The cat is atached ot the end of a large pole by a rope around the neck
  • The cat is dunked into boiling water to soften the skin (while still alive)
  • The cat is then lifted out of the water and dipped in a vat of ot wax (many times still alive)
  • The cat is then quickly dipped in cold water to harden the wax
  • The wax is pulled off removing the hair and boiled skin with it
  • Now the cat is ready to cook

I think this is a horrible idea by the way. Just adding what I know.

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