Let us write a story:

There is a castle built on cliffs, by an ocean
There is perhaps a sky: it is burgundy

The people in the castle are tormented by dragons
Some of the people fight bravely against the dragon
peril will be faced and overcome
Some may die; that part is unclear

With the dragon gone, the sky clears
pale children will stare into their first golden sunset
there will be much joy

There may be a handsome man and brave woman; that part is unclear
they will meet before the battle, be separated and then reunite

The happily ever after part? That is unclear as well

  1. Let us write a story.
  2. We'll call the characters
  3. Mom, dad, children; 2.5
  4. We'll give them a house.
  5. It will be his castle.
  6. He will work hard,
  7. she will plant a garden.
  8. This goes on for a while;
  9. until the day he mows
  10. down the raspberry patch.


  1. Let us peer through
  2. the unclear windows.
  3. See the greasy dishes
  4. sitting on grimy countertops.
  5. Hear the heated arguments
  6. that become quiet and chilly.
  7. Ultimately they grow
  8. tired of fighting.
  9. He works more hours,
  10. what does she do?


  1. Let us skip ahead
  2. to happier times.
  3. Surely there must be
  4. at least one sun filled
  5. day. Perhaps there was
  6. a sky filled with
  7. cumulonimbus clouds
  8. where bright eyed children
  9. chased dragonflies before 
  10. bath and bedtime.


  1. Today his castle has
  2. a fresh coat of paint.
  3. Floors have been stripped,
  4. revarnished. The bathroom
  5. was redone in cool gray.
  6. Maple flooring and cabinetry
  7. make this home a prize.
  8. Corner lot, three car garage,
  9. patio, newer roof and well.
  10. A yellow playhouse in back.


  1. It's a great house for kids
  2. I thought to myself
  3. as I agonized over the 
  4. bloody scratches that
  5. decorated my daughter's 
  6. arms. Today they are scars.
  7. Pale, purplish, haunting.
  8. But she's fine he says.
  9. Just like the other girl
  10. who sits in silence.


  1. Nobody wins the game
  2. of who has been hurt more.
  3. Let's be accountable,
  4. responsible. Admit that I 
  5. left chicken sitting out,
  6. cheated on him, let laundry
  7. rot down in the basement.
  8. Spent money I didn't have
  9. to buy things I would
  10. later give to Goodwill.


  1. Let's give these people
  2. parents. Grandparents 
  3. who call the mom crazy,
  4. maybe she is, after all
  5. the last thing she can
  6. remember from her
  7. day before being
  8. admitted to a psych
  9. ward are mold spores 
  10. constricting her airways.


  1. Let's give these people
  2. jobs; income, but a new
  3. source of conflict and
  4. tension. You could cut
  5. it with a knife, if only
  6. we had one that was
  7. clean. Your world gets
  8. smaller as you age.
  9. Perhaps there is a 
  10. sky; is that a rainbow?


  1. Friday night; pounding 
  2. on the door, matching
  3. that of my heart. My
  4. daughter is scared, it's
  5. 11:30 PM, I was terrified
  6. when my mom called 
  7. my oldest daughter.
  8. They had plans, but
  9. I had been excluded
  10. from their plot.


  1. Let's help these people.
  2. A psychiatrist said -
  3. the worst thing
  4. he did to you was to
  5. undermine your authority
  6. in front of the girls. (Really?)
  7. Suicide is the easy
  8. way out. I hate it
  9. when the two halves
  10. of my brain disconnect.


  1. Let's give these people
  2. hope for the future.
  3. They are bright, but
  4. their self esteem is
  5. so low, how can we
  6. teach them to love
  7. themselves more?
  8. Maybe we can make
  9. some meals, and
  10. do the dishes, together.


  1. These people live
  2. in caring communities. 
  3. They can play cards,
  4. go for walks, knit,
  5. read, talk, laugh,
  6. hug. They can stand
  7. near the balcony
  8. watching the sky
  9. turn black, knowing
  10. any storm can be weathered.


  1. P.S. There is a sky. That part is clear

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