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This morning on the bus a few of my friends were discussing how to prepare for the Literature SAT II. You know what I'm talking about—assonance, onomatopoeia, metaphorical conceit and the like. Just so I could get back to sleep I leaned across and said loudly:

"You know, a simile is like, is like an orange, really."

That shut them up.

The dream sequence that began last week with the introduction of "Cherie" the copper-haired waitress who strongly resembled someone I once knew, took a strange turn today during the afternoon nap I take on Fridays to prepare for my mostly up all night twenty-hour long shift at my so-called job. It involved the introduction of a new waitress, working in the same restaurant as the one Cherie appeared in.

What I find most curious about this new sequence of dreams is the very strong presentation of name tags. Just as the nametag appeared very prominently in the dreams with Cherie, this new waitress wore a name tag that was repeatedly a fixation in the dream. Usually in these kinds of dreams there is something that constantly draws my attention. In the days of my ongoing dreams of Tina, it was her face that was always prominently displayed in great detail, leading me to recognize her immediately when I met her in 1997, but her name was never known to me. In these dreams the face and features are less clear while the name is what my attention is most strongly drawn to.

This new waitress has features that appear to be Indian, as in being from India, and she somewhat reminds me of someone I used to know who was from Bangladesh. And that is about all I can recall of what she looks like. Her name tag reads "LISER," although there appears to be a space between the "LISE" and the "R" leading me to believe the "R" is for her last name, but it could be "Liser."

In the early part of the dream I enter the restaurant as I did in the early sequences with Cherie. There are a lot of people in the restaurant this time and it isn't dark as it was in the dreams with Cherie. I see other people, but they are all very blurred and indistinct. She greets me when I walk in and says someting to the effect of, "You'll never figure it out if you don't stop going to all the wrong places."

She seems to know me well and I feel as if I know her as well. It isn't long after she leads me to a table that she sits on my lap and starts behaving in a rather seductive manner. She runs her fingers through my hair, whispers things in my ear (although this seems to just be an excuse to breathe into my ear and run her tongue around there), and then begins grinding herself against me, eventually turning so we are face to face with her on my lap and she is simulating some sort of human coital activity.

"I want to take you in the back and see how crazy I can make you," she whispers in my ear and then get ups and leads me by the hand into a back room. The room seems to be some kind of weird waitress dressing room. There are a number of dressers and closets with clothes and shoes and personal items tossed haphazardly about. There is also a large, unmade bed in the center of this room, which she tosses me onto and then climbs on top of me and starts her incessant dry humping of me while going on about how much she enjoys frustrating me and "testing my limits." The bed, for some reason, is all white with white sheets, pillow cases and a white comforter and a white headboard that appears to be carved or twisted into some kind of complicated design I'm unable to get a handle on due to being otherwise preoccupied.

And then another waitress enters the room and tells Liser, or Lise R., that her father is there and needs her help because his car broke down. This causes Lise/Liser to climb off me and rush back out to the main part of the restaurant.

The other waitress who alerted her to the problems with her father's car is very blurry and I cannot make out her features or see any name tag. She tells me something about how foolish I am to let Lise/Liser torture me. Then we go out to the main part of the restaurant where Lise/Liser is talking to her father, a bald man with big round eyeglasses. I am instructed to follow them. We end up in a large parking garage where the father's car, some kind of large black luxury car, is parked. The license plate is some kind of vanity plate and contains a word, which I read but cannot remember after waking up.

I wake up before the car issue is resolved. I awoke with a really nasty headache and for some reason thought I was sleeping outside in the middle of a violent thunderstorm, although I was in my bed and it wasn't even thinking about raining outside.

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