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In response to your comments re: flesh-eating virus:

First Shaogo, I fully believe that with citing of your sources the information will be more credible. In return, I will collect more votes than previously without my sources being cited. Here is where my problem lies; at first I didn't have any referenceable material, my source is knowledge that I have gathered in my days on earth. I'll take you back in time when I was in fifth grade and tell you of a story about how this one particular subject became near and dear to my heart.

It all starts with a phone call that my mom received one evening. It was after getting home from school. I can't remember if I rode the school bus home, or walked home crossing the busy street at either two places; the intersection near the gas station or about one and a half blocks over by the grocery store. It would depend on what kind of candy I wanted to loot. My mom was told that one of my uncles had been admitted to a San Francisco hospital. He was diagnosed with Tetanus. He sat on a nail earlier in the week and refused to seek treatment.

That same night sometime after nine she boarded a plane to San Fran. My mom took the first flight out there with an open-ended date back. She spent a few weeks there as the doctors tried experimental procedures to save my uncles life. I lived with another uncle for that time. It's hard for me to recall what happened, other than in little sporadic chucks. It was a hard time for everybody in my family. I think I took it the hardest because I had to deal with the matter on my own it seemed. This story doesn't end with my uncle shitting into a colostomy bag. He's was cremated and is now resting in several locations.

Now days, I have a girlfriend that's aspiring to become a registered nurse. While taking Microbiology we would talk about the stuff she learns to help it stick in her mind better. It sticks with me too namely due to my past and having something to relate with. This how I know words like obligate anaerobe.

And to you vuo, it's to the point, cuz that's what I do... P.S. Your comments telling me my writing sucks because it's too short didn't faze me, thank you for your concern.

Finally Apatrix, Why did I post a rather small piece that most of the material is devoted to another subject altogether? I like to think of my self as unbridled genius understandably in the making. Not to come off cocky or anything, but your question was answered in the first sentence. Would stating it's a "popular" misnomer make it any better. Then there is always running the risk of me repeating my self, so I try to write with a thing called flow. It isn't something you can download or that you can buy at you local computer geek shop. It's acquired after building millions of neurological connections needed to maintain an ego of my stature. He becomes bored easy and by that I mean my ego; as we speak I can feel the narration in the gap of my head fading. The voice wanders off as if attached to a person in search of the next thing to say... Gone. But why? Come back. Please, come back. When I write with out you there is no soul in my work. I backspace everything into oblivion. Even the written words I was once was proud of are weak and vulnerable to irreversible actions caused by frustration.

Frustration can drive a man insane. See what it can do, this, a story has been mutated into a rant because of it. And what has become of the monster is something that is not true to my form. I only meant to test the boundaries of what could be posted, but for some I have clearly violated the very things they have become accustom to seeing while frolicking in the nodegel. There is nothing that you should be pissed off about because I'm giving you what you want; more to read, morsels not meant to appease your appetite but provide the taste of inspiration. And I do it all without being obsessively anal about writing in crap to fill up the page in order to collect more votes. This goes for everyone, sometimes the simplest recipes make the best dishes.

December 19, 2007 | January 15, 2007

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