There is some place I need to be

Her fingers are playing with her paper napkin and I don't know if it is origami or just nervousness. She is saying something about her college roommate and I probably should be listening to the actual words, but I am focused on the way her lower lip curves to one side when she pauses between syllables. I am too busy watching the way her mouth moves around words to actually catch content.

There is some place I need to be

She is holding my hand in a way that is too intimate for someone I have known for all of three hours. She is tracing the bones of my right index finger while she tells me about a former boyfriend who broke both his hands in a rollerblading accident and how she took advantage of him for all the wrong reasons. She looks up to see if I am blushing at this revelation and smiles when the results are obvious. "I can be a bad girl at times" All five fingers crawling across the back of my hand now, a curious spider.

There is some place I need to be

I try to casually look at the clock and my arm jerks when I realize that I am five minutes late for work (a job that is 20 minutes away from the student center). "Problem?" she asks, dropping her hand into her lap and tilting her head to one side. I start to say yes and no and maybe all at the same time and what comes out instead is this:

Well, yes, uh, no, well there is probably some place I need to be, but it can't be better than this.

Then I look down at my clenched fists, close my eyes, and wait for laughter.

Instead, I feel her lean over the table and press her lips to my eyelids and I am gone.

There is some place I need to be. It is right here.

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