Olkiluoto is an island in Finland, on the coast of Gulf of Bothnia. It belongs to the municipality of Eurajoki. The island is famous for its two nuclear power plants: Olkiluoto-1 and Olkiluoto-2. Olkiluoto-3 is being built and is supposed to be ready in 2011. As of 2007, Finland has four nuclear power plants. Along with the nuclear plants, a wind power plant called Rauno (a Finnish male first name) is located nearby on the island. A big part of the island is owned by Teollisuuden Voima, the nuclear power company that owns the plants. Other places on the island are barracks for the company's workers, a visitor center and the ONKALO worksite.

In 1994, the Finnish nuclear power act defined that all nuclear waste produced in Finland must also be disposed of in Finland. ONKALO (Finnish for CAVITY, I have no idea why they spell it in big letters but they seem to do) is a site where the nuclear waste will be placed. Upon completion in 2011(unless bureaucracy slows it down), it will be 520 meters deep.

T'was an island node I found in random nodeshells! BrevityQuest07.

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