There is also an amusing urban legend about cakes and ale set at Oxford (or Cambridge, or so on) about a student who raises his hand in the middle of an exam and says, "Sir, I request and require cakes and ale." The professor is somewhat taken aback, and inquires what in the hell the student means. The student produces a copy of the University Regulations, and points to a section unamended since the Middle Ages which states that professors must provide cakes and ale upon request to their students. Somewhat grudgingly, the professor complies, and after it is determined that hamburgers and soda are the modern equivalent, he buys the class lunch.
A week later all of the students are fined 5 pounds each for not wearing their swords to class.
The phrase No more cakes and ale? comes from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Cakes and ale are synonymous with the good life.

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