How many times have you been interested in someone, when they were totally uninterested in you? So you whined about it, to your friends or your mother, and were told in response: "s/he doesn't know what s/he's missing."
True enough. They don't. They have no idea what could have happened if things had worked out between you two. And what if you could have a magic button, that would show them, with just one press, what they are missing?

What if they could feel the touch of your hand on their hair; your soft breath on their neck? What if they could taste your famous Alfredo sauce? Or see how talented you really are? Or feel the heat from your body as you cuddle up in winter, or laugh at the time you would have forgotten the keys inside the car and spent a whole night telling silly knock, knock jokes.

What if they could feel the thrill of waking up next to you; the strength of your hand wiping away a tear. The look on your face as your first child is born; the warm glowing feeling in the bottom of their stomach knowing you are the one.

What if they could feel the warm comfort of growing old together with you?

Now wouldn't that be something?

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