A free, monthly, Prague-based, bi-lingual magazine put out by two guys from California, Keith Kirchner and Jeffree Benet. The boys started the magazine in 1996, with the main focus of the magazine being the party scene in Prague. It nearly flopped in the beginning due to the fact that they wrote most of their articles and reviews in their hip, California, surfer slang (even I couldn't understand it, for chrissakes!). The 'liberal' content and writing improved a bit when they finally decided to include articles in Czech, and actually pay some of the people writing for them. The magazine lists raves, parties, bars, restaurants and events of interest to the ex-pat crowd, as well as movie and music reviews, and in this sense, it's quite useful. However, most of the English portion of the magazine in obsessed with drugs, conspiracy theories and alien visitation, and often doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The magazine is available in the hip-er Czech cafes and pubs and most ex-pat hangouts.

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