Thinner is a novel by Stephen King which is considered by many to be one of his most disturbing.

The book's main character is an obese man who accidentally runs over a gypsy girl on his way home with his wife. The girl's father is so angered that he puts a curse on him, which makes him become thinner and thinner.

At first, the weight loss is a great thing. Co-workers and family members keep complimenting on how much better he looks. Unfortunantly, the weight loss doesn't stop, and he starts diving below the 100-pound mark.

He starts a search for the gypsy man, and when found, apologizes and begs him to take the curse off. The old man then transfers a curse to a pie, which must be fed to someone else to transfer the curse. The book's ending is cut off, without the reader knowing who the pie is given to.

Thin"ner (?), n.

One who thins, or makes thinner.

<-- 2. A solvent used to thin a viscous liquid, as a paint thinner. -->


© Webster 1913.

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