Chan eil an seo ach tobar àbhaisteach. Tha thu a ’smaoineachadh gu bheil barrachd ris, ach chan eil ann ach tobar àbhaisteach

These words carved into the stone wall surrounding the well were chiseled in a script, seldom used now, other than for decorative purposes. They were mostly ignored, nowadays. The well was kept around and preserved for the same reason that the entire park was, it represented history and culture and natural beauty. Few understood their meaning now but scholars interpreted the inscription as, "This is just an ordinary well. You think there is more to it, but it is just an ordinary well".

Camden had already visited many of the famed "healing wells" of Skye and they were interesting enough but had effected no change in her. She had a feeling about this one, though. The inscription in the stones seemed like an engraved invitation to her. Why go to such trouble to label an ancient artifact as "ordinary"? Unlike so many of the healing wells she had visited, this one had no visible scraps of clothing or other personal items in the hazel nut copses along the trail. It appeared that this part of the park had been allowed to remain unmolested by modern civilization. Camden took a deep breath and winced as her pain intensified at the movement. The pain had been increasing as of late and she took it as confirmation. She had not made this trip any too soon.

She slowly approached the well and experienced the strangest sensation. With each step nearer the pain lessened! This couldn't be just her imagination. Glad for the solitude, she shrugged off the day pack and pulled the light rope and tiny pail out of it. She'd not have to explain her strange behavior today or wait in line at this "ordinary" well. The water she drew up was clear and had a pleasant odor, or lack of. As Camden drank from her little well bucket she would have sworn she heard bagpipes in the distance. Maybe it was only the breeze in the hazels. Almost as an afterthought she withdrew a pin that had held up her hair, for walking, and quickly dropped it in as she repeated the well's disclaimer in the old tongue. She then walked slowly three times clockwise around the place she now regarded as holy. No use taking any chances. She then gathered up her few belongings and paused briefly, at the wall, to read the inscription one last time. Camden nodded and laughed at the joke they now shared.

reQuest 2020: an E2 reVue

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