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Thith"er (?), adv. [OE. thider, AS. &edh;ider; akin to E. that; cf. Icel. þa&edh;ra there, Goth. þaþro thence. See That, and The.]


To that place; -- opposed to hither.

This city is near; . . . O, let me escape thither. Gen. xix. 20.

Where I am, thither ye can not come. John vii. 34.


To that point, end, or result; as, the argument tended thither.

Hither and thither, to this place and to that; one way and another.

Syn. -- There. Thither, There. Thither properly denotes motion toward a place; there denotes rest in a place; as, I am going thither, and shall meet you there. But thither has now become obsolete, except in poetry, or a style purposely conformed to the past, and there is now used in both senses; as, I shall go there to-morrow; we shall go there together.


© Webster 1913.

Thith"er (?), a.


Being on the farther side from the person speaking; farther; -- a correlative of hither; as, on the thither side of the water.

W. D. Howells.


Applied to time: On the thither side of, older than; of more years than. See Hither, a.



© Webster 1913.

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