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The place to go for fries when you're Downey Owe Shin. At the original location on the Ocean City boardwalk, the line can grow to dozens of yards long at peak feeding times of the day.

They're a bit on the greasy side (particularly at peak hours, when there isn't time to let them dry out properly), and abundantly salted, so on the good food vs. healthy food scale, they're way down near the good food end. The secret is that they leave the skins on, and they're fried in peanut oil rather than vegetable oil.

It's sacrilege to eat these with ketchup. On the counter, you'll find vinegar, salt, pepper, Old Bay, and a large sign proclaiming loudly, "Don't ask for ketchup!". Douse liberally with vinegar for fullest enjoyment.

The mall-food chain Boardwalk Fries offers a similar product, but significantly inferior.

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