Title: Three Men and a Baby
Director: Leonard Nimoy (Spock!)
Writers: Jim Cruickshank, James Orr, Coline Serreau (screenplay for trois hommes et un couffin)
Release Date: 25/11/1987
Runtime: 102

Tom Selleck - Peter Mitchell
Steve Guttenberg - Michael Kellam
Ted Danson - Jack Holden
Nancy Travis - Sylvia Bennington
Margaret Colin - Rebecca
Lisa Blair / Michelle Blair - Mary Bennington

Three bachelor friends, Peter, Michael and Jack share an apartment in Manhattan. While actor Jack is off filming in Turkey, his two flatmates find his newborn baby (which Jack knows nothing about) on the doorstop. The two attempt to look after the baby and discover how difficult, but rewarding, a child can be.

The film is a remake of successful French film trois hommes et un couffin, directed by Coline Serreau, who was to direct this remake but pulled out.
The three main leads return for sequel Three Men and a Little Lady.

This film is certainly not a classic, but despite being quaintly 80s, it works surprisingly well. Clueless men trying to look after something they have absolutely no idea about is actually very amusing viewing. The good script helps, as does successful casting and the almost infinite comic possibilites of a baby.

There is a very prevalent urban legend about this film. At one point, you can see in the background what appears to be a little boy standing in a doorway. The legend goes that this is the ghost of a little boy who died in the apartment in which the film was shot. The 'ghost' is actually a cardboard cut-out of Jack wearing a tuxedo. This prop appears later in the film.
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my own viewing of the film

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