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The Thrones is Joe Preston, formerly of the Melvins, though I believe they are still technically together. Known to some as "logger punk" and to others as "earth metal", it is as unique an experience as one can expect from a huge guy with a double necked guitar and a beat box. IMHO, his bass playing is better than his guitar playing, sounding a bit like godheadsilo. Joe, ironically, denies being in "the thrones".

See also Caspar Brotzmann Massacre, for this sorta guitar.


Major releases:

There are also several 7" records.

And finally there are compilations and split records.

While it seems to be a running joke for the Thrones to deny that he is Joe Preston, Joe himself doesn't deny being the Thrones and appears in several pictures on the kill rock stars website for the Thrones.

For the record:

The Melvins are still together (and more than technically, may I say). However, Joe has not been a part of the band for about 9 years. And he was only their bass player for about a year. The Melvins go through a lot of bass players.

Fun Stuff

Several Thrones songs contain samples from movies. I can't claim to recognize all of them... There are probably even samples that I haven't realized are samples.

The vinyl version of White Rabbit ends on song that doesn't end. I remember I let it continue for an embarrassingly long period of time because I thought it was just a really long song. At least I think it was White Rabbit... I lost my records in a fire so I'm going by a several year old memory.

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