Today we had thunderstorms later in the day, which prompted me to ask my husband what his favorite word is, hoping to get his mind off his confusion and agitated behavior. The following is his response to questions I asked, hoping to distract and comfort him. I told him that it might help other people understand the things I write if the words came directly from him,. Later he said talking and a cup of hot coffee helped but wanted the title to be Thunder and rain:

My favorite word is thunder

because it's scary, earthshaking,

yet helps make plants grow

because it makes the rain come

and the rain makes plants grow.

Without rain, plants wouldn't grow.

When I hear and feel thunder it's scary

yet it does a good thing.

I wouldn't want to sit outside if

there was thunder because it's scary

and sometimes there's lightning.

Then the thunder would be really scary

especially if it was nearby.

I feel safe in the house, but not

on the front porch.

We should just listen to it

and not let it bother us because

of how we feel.

Thunder makes the world seem frightening

but it always goes away.

I think the cats are afraid of thunder, but

I know you're not afraid of it and

that helps... but where are the boys?

Some thunders are bigger and cut across the sky;

that's scarier because you don't know when the big booms

will come.

I like the sound of rain and even the sound of wind,

if it's not too strong. But if things start flying apart,

I don't like that, that's scary.

I'm just glad the ice is gone.

* note: we lost power on and off that day, so I was desperately trying to find flashlights and candles, while seeming calm; the outside temps had dropped drastically and I was annoyed because several of his family members had called earlier, wanting him to fly to California (without me) for a "first family" reunion, including his ex-wife.

He has zero interest in doing this; told them he had "to work", plus his doctor said he couldn't fly anymore because of his breathing problems, but couldn't remember the word for it. His concept of time is increasingly quite skewed, hence the "ice" reference; he told one daughter we've had two inches of ice for the whole winter on the driveway, so it's been very dangerous to go away from home and get back safely.

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