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Tickle Me Emo is a native of Depress-a-me Street. He was introduced as the angst-ridden teen cousin of Tickle Me Elmo in a MADtv skit.

The skit used modern stereotypes of emos to create Tickle-Me-Emo. Tickle-Me-Emo is dressed in black pants, a black short sleeve shirt, a black bracelet, a black cap and a striped black and white tie. The shirt has a My Chemical Romance patch on it. He has a nose ring, purple eye lids and thick black eye shadow. He has long, black, greasy hair combed to one side and partially obscuring one eye. Tickle Me Emo is sold in Hot Topics everywhere.

When Tickle-Me-Emo is either tickled or has his hand squeezed, he will say a stereotypical emo statement such as:
“Stop it, that hurts me.”
"If life is so fair, why do roses have thorns?"
“There is no god you hear me? No god.”
“Nobody understands what I’m going through. Especially you.”
“I hate you. I HATE you. I hate YOU.”
“I hurt myself to feel alive!”

Tickle Me Emo cannot be left alone for too long or he will begin cutting his arm with a razor blade.

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