Tilly and the Wall is a band out of Omaha, NE. Their music is at times folksy, at time poppy, but always charming. It is sweet and nostalgic; referring to love, loss, kissing and dancing. Most interesting of all, Tilly doesn't have a drummer. Instead they just have a tap dancer, although some songs include a tambourine, or an electronic beat from the keyboard.

The five members are: Derek (guitar), Kianna (vocals, shakers, tambourine), Neely (vocals, shakers, bells), Nick (keyboard), and Jamie (tap dancing). They are on the label Team Love, which is associated with Saddle Creek Records, through Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes who is the producer of Team Love and also on SCR. According to the SCR website, Keely lives next door to Oberst and was in a band with him (and Jamie) when they were all in high school. Keyboard player Nick also plays with Bright Eyes occasionally.

Their first full album is entitled "Wild Like Children." It includes ten songs: Fell Down the Stairs, Nights of the Living Dead, Bessa, You and I Misbehaving, Reckless, Let it Rain, Shake It Out, A Perfect Fit, I Always Knew, and The Ice Storm, Big Gusts, and You.

They have also recorded a 7" called “Sad, Sad Song" on the label Rue Royale.

On a personal note, I recently visiting a friend in Billings, MT and saw the band open for Pedro the Lion at the 11 Cafe. My friend and I ended up going out for drinks with the members of Tilly and the Wall and they ended up staying at my friends house that evening. They were all very nice and no one stole my bed.

Sources: www.tillyandthewall.com, www.saddlecreekrecords.com, www.teamlove.com

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