Tullycraft are an indie-pop/cuddlecore band roughly from Seattle; they're kind of the male counterpart to Bunnygrunt. Cute and endearing, if you can live with the squeakiness. Formed in 1994 with two of the three members of Crayon, Sean Tollefson (lead singer + bassist) and Jeff Fell (drummer). With Gary Miklusek of Wimp Factor 14 on guitar, they put out a number of excellent singles and a couple good CD's. Not much news recently, although Darla Records in 2000 released a collection of most of Tullycraft's singles, cleverly entitled The Singles, and rereleased their first CD.

Partial Discography:
Old Traditions, New Standards, Harriet Records, 1996; rereleased on Darla Records, 2000
City of Subarus, Darla Records, 1997
The Singles, Darla Records, 2000

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