Cars Can Be Blue is a musical duo originally from Keene, New Hampshire.  In 2002 Becky Brooks and Nate Mitchell began making music when their other projects (improv comedy and a cover band, respectively) fell apart. Nate plays the drums and Becky does guitar; both sing. They have described themselves as sounding like Dressy Bessy meets Tenacious D, Tullycraft meets Adam Sandler, Beat Happening meets the Moldy Peaches. This band is both funny and fun to listen to.

Now based out of Athens, Georgia, Cars Can Be Blue are signed to the label Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records, which has put out such fine indie/twee/cuddlecore artists as Neutral Milk Hotel, Casper and the Cookies, Bunnygrunt, Eureka California, Forever and Oh Ok.

If this sort of music doesn't make you at least smile, well, then, your favorite band sucks.

The band name is a reference to the ever-irreverent MTV sketch comedy show The State, in which contestants competed on a game show to win orphans. Both of the contestants make wrong answers until the end, when they are asked "What is a form of transportation?"  One of the contestants answers "Blue" and the judges deliberate and then announce "YES! Cars can be blue!"

The band gained an ardent following due to their short, catchy songs and witty, ribald lyrics. They have been on tour numerous times and played at Popfest in Athens as well as several other festivals and venues coast-to-coast across North America. 

Sadly, this loveable band has had exceedingly bad luck on tour. Once in Texas their veggie oil bus broke down at a truck stop. They missed a few shows and ended up working at the truck stop for money until a mechanic was located. Turns out that the bus only needed a ten cent fuse! Later the band booked several shows in the UK. Upon arrival they were immediately shipped back as they had failed to secure a work visa for their stay. After that last fiasco, they re-released their first CD on vinyl in an attempt to recoup some of the monies wasted on the flight.

To date two full albums have been released and one split 7" with the All Girl Summer Fun Band


All The Stuff We Do (2005) 

1. I Like

2. Used to Think

3. Perm Guy

4. Dating Batman

5. Cat Is Out

6. Motorboat

7. Hey Hippie


9. She Needs It

10. Do You Remember?

11. Abortion

12. Retarded Retard

13. Dirty Song

14. (You're A) Bitch

15. Bike Shop

16. You're So Cute

17. The Pincher

18. D in the P

19. Do You Want It? (The SEX, I Mean)

20. Theme

Doubly Unbeatable (2008)

1. Sun Blows Up

2. Coat Tails

3. Eyeballs

4. Hope You're Hurting

5. Pretty Special

6. I Wish I

7. Ribbon

8. Flipped Around

9. Cycle Of Violence

10. You're On Drugs

11. Just Because

12. I Think It's A...

13. So Cheap

14. Merch Song

15. Bend That Rod

16. Seems We're Breakin' Up

Happy Happy Birthday To Me 2007 Singles Club #10 (the 7")

They're on the B-side of this with two tracks: Touch it and Mosh Pit

Their first recording is only available from the label new on vinyl but may be found from resellers online. Many of their songs may be streamed/downloaded online although purchasing the music is definitely worth it—not only will you be supporting the artists but you will also get the snazzy cover art. Their second album has a sweet illustration of Becky and Nate as thoraopagus twins!

The band has recently abbreviated their name to CCBB and a new album will be released "sometime this decade" according to their label.

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