Tenacious D is a rock band consisting of two guitar wielding Gods of rock, the inspirational Jack Black and the truly inspired Kyle Gass, who is otherwise known as Rage, K-G or Kage most commonly.

The D as they are otherwise known, started life as a cable TV series in America which released 7-8 episodes of a short weeky mockumentary describing the daily activities of Jack and Kyle, and finished each week with them performing a song in the local open mike night at their bar based on their activities. It was screened by HBO.

The fullest collection of their work to date is the Tenacious D - The Complete Masterworks DVD which is a two disk set. It includes full footage of their gig in London at the Brixton Academy, which makes essential viewing for fans of the D.
The show is a visual banquet with large on-stage props for some of the songs. However, it is essentially just two men with guitars standing on a stage, so perhaps not much there for those who are not as keen on the music.

Their style is a little hard to quantify. Although they describe themselves as Hard Core Power Rockers Schooled By Satan, the only instruments they use are acoustic guitars (amplified obviously) and the innovative vocal talents of Jack Black. These include not only his lyrical skills but various beat box style accompaniments and vowel conglomerations.

Some of their best songs have been converted into music videos. The most popular of these is Tribute which is a narrative, featuring Kyle and Jack being challenged by a demon while walking along a "long lonesome road". He challenges them to play the greatest song in the world, or he will steal their souls. Fortunately when the two begin to play, they do infact play the greatest song in the world. Unfortunately, after the event, they can no longer recall the song and so play a tribute to it instead, hense the title.
Other recommended tracks are Wonderboy and Fuck her gently which is not for the faint of heart, but remains a brilliant track to share with your other half. Video available on their website at http://www.tenaciousd.com

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