Tír na nÓg (teer na nogue) was the mythical land of everlasting youth, where the Fountain of Youth would ensure that whoever drank from it would become young again, and never age. According to Irish legend, Tír na nÓg lay off the west coast of Ireland. The Irish heroes of legend travelled to Tír na nÓg to drink the water from the Fountain of Youth. Also, the Tuatha De Danann travelled to Tír na nÓg when they were defeated and driven out of Ireland.

Tír na nÓg : Pronounced teer na nogue: This mystical place is part of Irish druidic history. The druids believed that that this land was the land of the young or the Fairyland with other names such as Avalon and Isle of the Blest.

Tír na nÓg is sometimes described as the land across the west sea where some of the Tuatha De Danann (pronounced toodha dae donnann) retreated. The Tuatha De Dannan is a race of gods that overthrew the Formors. The Druids believed them to be giants who live in underground chambers at Tara where they built stone temples.

A fountain located in Tír na nÓg is said to give the water of life that makes the old young again: the druids' fountain of youth.

Also, an Irish pub in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. An example of the recent phenomenon of a company in Ireland which 'assembles' authentic Irish pub interiors, then ships them out all around the world, where they are then rebuilt in their new location. Supposedly, since the interiors were made in Ireland, it's a more "authentic" pub.

The Tír na'n Óg in Kingston, however, is not too bad, serving a good variety of draught beers (including the requisite Guinness and Smithwicks), having some yummy dishes on the menu, and hosting frequent performances of live bands.

In the world of Shadowrun, Tír na nÓg is the name of one of the two major elven states founded after the awakening, Tir Tairngire in North American being the other. It consists of the entire island of Ireland and is not popular with the megacorporations, because it does not accept corporate extraterritoriality. The entire island is surrounded by a magical barrier called The Veil, which keeps out everyone who's not specifically allowed to come in.

In the MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot by Mythic Entertainment, Tír na NÓg is the capital city of the realm of Hibernia. Hibernia is the most magically oriented of the three waring realms in the game, and is populated by elves, firbolg, lurikeen, and Celts, so it follows that their capital would be the mythical home of fairies and the fountain of youth. In-game, the city contains numerous merchants, guildhalls, administrative NPC's, and craftsmen. It is a central location for interaction and orginization at all levels in the realm.

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