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The ninth month of the Aztec Xiuhpohualli (calendar) was Tlaxochimaco. This was a month for the "Little Feast Day of the Dead" where all the gods were honored and the ancestors worshipped. In comparison to the western calendar, the month covered the dates we know as July 23 through August 11.

The principal gods honored at this time were Tezcatlipoca and Huitzilopochtli. For two days the people of the cities would gather wild flowers and on the "feast of the flowers", there would be a solemn procession back into the cities. The young men of the cities danced around the courtyard of Huitzilopochtli's temple; images of Huitzilopochtli were covered with garlands; the people would sing to all gods. In the temples and in everyone's home, flower offerings were made to Huitzilopochtli. There were feasts of turkey and maize, in honor of one of the guises of Huitzilopochtli, the jeweled turkey.



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