A 1955 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This well done movie is a comedy/thriller starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, and involves jewel heists on the French Riviera. The title of the film is based on the proverb: "Set a thief to catch a thief," containing double meanings in a double-chase.

Grant plays John Robie, a former cat burglar accused of recent jewel robberies. Kelly is Frances Stevens, the spoiled but smart and gorgeous daughter of the oil millionairess, Mrs. Jessie Stevens, who has had several very expensive items stolen from her room. Frances is sure Robie is the thief, and she is attempting to prove this as she also attempts to seduce him. For someone looking like Grace Kelly, would that be so hard?

I won't spoil the ending for those who've yet to see it, but as far as Hitchcock films go, it is one of my favorites easily. The witty dialogue combined with attractive scenery (both the Riviera and Mr. Grant) makes it worth the watch.

The movie was nominated for three Academy Awards and won Best Color Cinematography. This was Grant's third Hitchcock film, "Suspicion" and "Notorious" being the previous two (also good flicks), and it was Kelly's third and final film for the director, her previous movies with him being "Dial M For Murder" and "Rear Window." (I found these as two of Hitchcock's best ever.) It was soon after this film was made that she left her career for Prince Rainier of Monaco.

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