Little Tatiana scanning the skies,
cybered eyes of commerce
search the earth around
and iron, corn, timber, oil
are bent, baked, banded, barreled
by great cascading of numbers
rushing from the towers
astride the railed loop
beside the lake in the place
where once stood a city afire
and earlier still was broker
to imaginings whispered by
the water and carried on the wind
with the wing beats of the owl
and breath of the hunter
who wore its feather.

Elapsed in time, they both sat in regret.
In the distance had their loved far set.
Its moments of silence feared by them.
their passion did the years lack.
Tatiana cling on to the dead, to show them they had won,
Their fears had they attacked.
Had left them a lose, by a life less tossed.
The road they admitted had never been nice.
But selfishness and gluttony had soon become a vice.
Sent away young lovers thrown, into depths to burn.
For they gave up everything known, to take a simple turn.
And now do the hours by them pass
Speechless do the words come from mouths such time has kissed.
Yet now the ones to prove have moved
and they are lifted like this.
Who can they show now? who can they mock?
a love less empty to prove them plenty,
their falseness they did talk

Tatiana cried to leave the world, her body, flesh, and bone;
See the world from someone else's stone?
Die among the peaceful fields, instead of central park
While she was walking my dog, in the gloomy dark.
Let's lay on a blanket and calm the moon and stars
And worry about others' lives, never thinking of hers.
She left my woes and worries, leave them way behind
And try to make sense of life, if we have the time?
Where death is not a question, but an answer learned in turn
Where the angry words of others won't hit the skin it to burn.
Why is our society slumping so low
For others' weight we must tow?
The weak, the crime, the pity, the sorrow;
Looking at the world, I hope there is no tomorrow.
For other bad things to breed and grow
For that is the way my kids will only know.
Let's pop the world off, and not let it suffer,
If we don't I'm afraid life will get together.

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