Ezra asked me earnestly, after a long pause in his IMs.

The question came out of nowhere, we had been chatting from our respective jobs about which one of us might be able to cop some herb before we'd meet up for a few beers at Pontiac. His desire to try an aminated gif technique I had described caused a long lull in our conversation, until this.

He'd been kind of depressed before he had left for San Francisco last weekend. His mother who is also his boss and roommate was considering taking a new job in Orlando, meaning he would have to move with her there. The opportunity was not without merit; she would be transferring to a much bigger company and, as their web designer, Ezra would be getting paid even more than the ridiculously large hourly sum he gets from his mother's current company. Also, I suppose the weather in Orlando is nicer than here. But being forced to leave your home, all your friends and everything you have come to know is a often a hard and sad thing, logic aside.

Not to mention the fact that right before we left, Ez had been forced to witness the young vixen he is smitten with making out with another man. A relatively painful thing to endure, despite our warnings about that girl. So it was with a detatched air that he set out to San Fran to spin with Ambient Mafia at a labor-day rave.

But an amazing thing happened to our dear protagonist during those three days in whirlworld. His love of spinning, of creating sounds, of moving masses of people, the manipulation, the creativity, the music, was reaffirmed! What a beautiful thing. He had taken a hiatus of some considerable time away from the craft, and I am thankful that he had that chance to become reaquainted with one of his true loves.

It was this new and fresh excitement and inspiration towards his sound-making that prompted him to ask me this heartfelt question. I know the feeling well, and answered without hesitation:

"Yeah, thats how I feel when I think about the fact that I am marrying my soulmate in less than a year."

I have a feeling I might have taken a little bit of wind out of his sails with that answer. Not at all my intention; I should have thought before I spoke. But, in all honesty, that is what evokes this feeling in me almost every day. Ezra knows us; he understands. He will likely spin some ambient at our reception.

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