Todd Santos is a man who was hand-picked by the FX Network to be the insatiable star of the network's seven-week reality TV series "Todd TV." He was chosen for his charm, his looks, his wit, but most importantly, because his life is such a mess that he needs the television audience to tell him what to do with his life, all aspects of it, including love and work.

At least that what FX thinks he needs.

Todd Santos is a 30-year-old resident of Hermosa Beach, California, who, until the first episode of "Todd TV," was a waiter at a local restaurant called Michi. Both Todd and FX are banking on the fact that the television audience will, by the end of the seven-week arc, have improved his life dramatically. Todd snowboards, hikes, and plays guitar; however, he never stays in a band very long. He's so opinionated about the music he writes he often leaves them citing "creative differences." Indeed, at least before the show began, he spent a lot of time alone, sometimes while watching a dozen or so hours of movies in a row at his apartment. As far as his romantic life, he hasn't had a serious relationship for quite some time, except for one in his past which he refuses to talk about.

In a production of life imitating art, "Todd TV" probably reminds a lot of viewers of the 1999 flick "Ed TV" starring Matthew McConaughey, the lovely Jenna Elfman, and Rob Reiner. The names sound the same and the concept is similar: a camera follows a young man around as he tends to the doldrums of ordinary life. This time, however, it's real, and the audience gets to interact and tell Todd what to do. Sounds like fun.

"Todd TV" will be hosted by the plucky George Gray (native of St. Louis, Missouri better known for hosting the daily version of The Weakest Link). It premiered on FX on Wednesday, January 21, 2004 at 10:00PM EST. The slogan is "He's had 30 years to screw up his life...Now it's your turn."

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