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Tokimeki Memorial is one of the first dating sims to come out of Japan. It's a video game for many platforms, but most well-known on the Playstation. Essentially you play a (male) high school student through the standard 3 years of Japanese high school. The idea is you choose what subjects to study and what clubs to join, and through these activities various attributes will rise or fall.

Based on your attributes, you'll meet certain girls in the game, and the whole point of this is to date these girls, in the hopes that the one you like will confess her love to you under the legendary tree. The legend goes, if you confess your love under that tree, you'll be happy together forever.

Must be a Japanese thing.

A complete game (all three years of high school) can be played in roughly six hours straight. This is a remarkably addictive game. I've never found a player yet who didn't have a favorite girl after only an hour of play.

The definitive site on TokiMemo is http://www.kirameki.edu/ Its guides will really help in playing the game if you can't read Japanese.

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