Crossbreed beteen a tomato and a tobacco plant, smooth, refreshing and delightfully addictive. Homer Simpson creates this hybrid while residing at his father's old farm, and spraying plutonium on his crops to make them grow.

In 2003, Rob Baur of Lake Oswego, Oregon made a real-life hybrid of a tomato and a tobacco plant that grew fruit and looked just like tomato plant.

Wired News covered this story further. Baur grafted the tomato plant onto the roots of a tobacco plant, after failing to do it the other way around previously. The hybrid was possible because both plants are part of the Solanaceae family.

Baur had some leaves of the tomacco plant tested by the Intermountain Foresic Laboratory, but not any fruit. Baur said the fruit looked just like a normal tomato, but he suspected it contained a lethal amount of nicotine, too much to be edible.

The Wired News article:,1286,61091,00.html

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