I wrote a series of short secret admirer letters for a girl that I felt I should share with all you romantics out there.

This is for a special girl named Natalie

A great name, it rhymes with straddle me

If I was to rush a Fratalie

I would make sure you were the one to paddle me

Two gangsters or thugs are we

Everything we do is hood ratalie

You’re hometown may be Batesville

But I want to take you to Let’s-Dates-Ville

Cause the only thing that makes my day right

Is hanging with you, Natty Light


Your secret admirer

Natty Natty Natty, can’t you see?

Sometimes your looks just hypnotize me

And I just love your foxy ways

Guess that’s why they suck; you got swag for days

The fact that we are not together makes me sour

It’s the reason I cry whenever I shower

Without you, my world is wrong

It’s reminiscent of a Macy Gray song

You have a nice scooter

And by scooter I mean pooter

You also have a nice face

And by face I mean pooter, and face as well

Wow, this is getting out of hand



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