Tony LaRussa is the current manager of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. He is known for his long brown hair that flows from under his baseball cap and his thick glasses that help him focus on the game at hand. He started his carreer as a professional baseball manager two years before I was born.

Although not always a fan favorite in his previous stops as manager of Chicago White Sox and Oakland Athletics, he is generally supported by the St. Louis Cardinals' fan base, even though he has yet to bring a World Series championship to the midwest town.

Tony LaRussa's coaching style is unique. He does not designate a team captain and makes everyone on the team feel important, even the 25th man on the squad. Players appreciate his lenient attitude towards allowing children and wives to travel with the team. Tony has a knack for preventing fights between his players and promotes a positive mental attitude by emoting one.

He won a World Series championship with the Oakland Athletics in 1989. With the Cardinals, he has clinched four central division titles and three in the last three years.

His statistical record as a player is not outstanding. He played one year for the Kansas City Royals, three and a half years for the Oakland Athletics, half a year with the Atlanta Braves, and finished his playing carreer with one year with the Chicago Cubs.

His managerial record as of June 11, 2003 is 1958 wins and 1740 losses with nine division titles.

Update: I just found out that my all time favorite baseball manager is a vegetarian!

This just adds to his greatness and solidifies my rock solid support and appreciation for his first class attitude and passion for the game. Beware, any fellow St. Louisans who hassle me about my vegetarianism, for I will flail at you the thousand-spiked point of information that your home team's manager is one, as well.

Editor's note: Tony LaRussa retired from managing after the Cardinals won the 2011 World Series.

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