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Tracy Wells is an actress probably best known for her role as Heather Owens in the television series Mr. Belvedere which ran from 1985-1990. Her character in this series was a virginal, good-natured, girl-next-door type; the kind of character that inhabited many television shows of the 1980s.

During the late 1980s, maybe early 1990s, I was watching this film on HBO that appeared to just be a series of vignettes. Originally I thought HBO was putting together a new television series and maybe I had managed to see the pilot; this was the era when HBO was putting together a lot of different shows (like 1st and Ten, The Hitchhiker, etc.) by their own creative teams instead of just showing movies. What I was watching turned out to be a film titled After Midnight. It was broken down into 3 vignettes; Tracy appeared in the second one, which had a title of A Night on the Town, as Amy. She was chased by a pack of dobermans along with three other girls.

She does not have that many acting credits to her name. The imdb lists 6 appearances in her filmography and then there are 2 guest appearances on 2 television shows (Silver Spoons, Growing Pains) popular in the 1980s.

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