The Traditional Anglican Communion, which was formed in 1991, is the organisation of Anglican churches that "maintains the traditional doctrine, ministry and worship of the Anglican Church free from modern errors and innovations".

Essentially it is a collection of churches that has broken away from the mainstream Anglican faith (represented by the Church of England and its fellow churches in the Anglican Communion) due to their abandonment of traditional liturgy, their disregard of the core doctrines of Christianity and their increasingly liberal theology. (That's how they see it anyway.) The churches of the Traditional Anglican Communion stick to the traditional 1662 Book of Common Prayer, firmly oppose the ordination of women and generally seeks to preserve orthodox Anglican faith and practice.

The Traditional Anglican Communion is led by the Primate, the Most Reverend Louis W Falk and comprises the following churches;

The Anglican Church in America also has la Diócesis Misionera Anglicana de Centro América y México or the Anglican Missionary Diocese of Central America and Mexico spreading the word south of the Rio Grande.

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