The doorway marks an unpassable boundary - 
the edge of my existence.
The lintel firmly grasped 
by the executioner's hands.
Outside the hallway runs, 
to places I dare not go.

The haze reveals what I inherit, 
and comforts me with what I have.
The light controls my daily chore,
by order and decree.
I move in shuffled steps,
to see beyond my arms outstretched.

The sink uneasily hangs,
taps drip a senseless rythym.
Stains mark my existence.
Mirrors reflect what I once was.
I hide behnd the door,
for fear of times now past.

I pray for dignity at the end,
within these four walls.
The woven fabric on my bed,
will comfort me till dawn.
Alone I see the world outside.
Alone I shall see the last.


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