Slavery exists in America (and many other countries, I am sure), even today. Not in the tobacco fields of Georgia, but in the Motel 6's and the Holiday Inns along the interstate.

A hotel slave is usually a Hispanic (or sometimes middle eastern) immigrant, who lives and works in a hotel. There is no real escape for these people. If they quit, they will find themselves homeless and unemployed in a country that doesn't even speak their language.

The hotel slaves are usually paid minimum wage (which I guess is acceptable). But much of that money is often taken right back out of their paycheck for room and board. So they aren't truly paid at all. For the hotel slaves their is no such thing as a sick day or a vacation day. They must work their appointed days week after week, year after year (or be fired). The threat of being fired is what keeps these unfortunate people in bondage.

The hotel I work in has 6 of these hotel slaves. All of them middle-aged women of Hispanic descent. They live 2 to a room, and usually work 10 hour days. From time to time the owners of my hotel will move some of them into a different hotel (they own around 10 hotels across the country). They are moved so they won't get to know anybody in the community that speaks their language. If they don't meet anyone, they will never find a different job and that is exactly what the management wants.

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