Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: Activision
Model Number: AX013
Atari Rarity Guide: 5 Rare
Year of Release: 1983

This Atari game combined the time honored gameplay of Galaxian with a pseudo 3-D perspective. You navigate your ship left and right shooting the enemy ships that appear on the huge grid in front of you< (You are supposed to be riding the grid). All in all a pretty fun game, (but difficult to find today).

You could get a patch from Activision if you acheived 60,000 pts. and made it to Sector 20 in this game.

From the instruction manual:

A beam matrix of iridescent blue engulfs the distant blackness of Earth-Space. You stand watching. First mesmerized, you now realise the beams carry weapons. Frightening creations in endless configurations. Intriguing to watch, but will you -- yes you, dear reader -- take action? You will??!! Then roll up your sleeves, mount these beams and.....ride!!

Animated graphics create a 3-D perspective that virtually pulls you into the screen. Pulsating sound effects intensify the constant array of new objects that zip from beam to beam. Beamrider combines tomorrow's technology with designer Dave Rolfe's fantastic imagination to forge the challenge you'll return to again and again!

Dave Rolfe is the programmer on this title.

This game is valued at around $20 USD. Games with boxes and manuals are worth more.

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