Fort Carson is an Army base located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. The base is home to the 7th Infantry Division and the 43rd Area Support Group, (I was in the 43rd myself). In my year there I served as a Chaplain Assistant for the 10th CSH, (CSH means what M*A*S*H used to mean), and the 52nd Engineers.

Fort Carson has one of the better views of any military base in America. You can see the mountains rising up in front of you all of the time, (at least you can when it is light out). The food at this base leaves a little to be desired however.

A common sight in Fort Carson was to see people passing out from lack of oxygen, (Fort Carson is over 1 mile in altitude, which is hard until you get used to it).

skibum5 is probably dead right about the suck factor of Fort Carson. But it was the only base I was ever stationed at. So I have little for comparison. If you go to Garden of the Gods be very careful, I fell 40 feet and broke an ankle there.

Being an Army brat, I have been stationed a number of places; including Fort Carson. I must say that despite it's stunning back drop and it's proximity to NORAD and the Air Force Academy, Ft. Carson is perhaps one of the worst military bases I can remember.

Let's put it this way, it was the last place my father was stationed before he retired with the rank of Colonel. He thinks that being stationed in Sinop, Turkey during the height of the Cold War was a better place to be.

I remember Ft. Carson as being almost devoid of any vegitation. Instead of grass there was lava rock, which gave the place a nice post-apocalyptic feel. The presence of "temporary" buildings dating back to World War II did not help. Buildings are old and run down, peeling paint is everywhere. Ft. Carson also had one of the most poorly run hospitals I have ever seen. However, they were so proud because of the design awards it won. It looked like a brand new shopping mall inside and out. I was never sure if I was supposed to get my perscription or order a slice of pizza.

When we were stationed in Colorado Ft. Carson was poorly managed. The post was never squared away and it looked and felt like a back-water assignment. A pitty, the post could be a jewel, instead they built a stone. The only reason it's there is as a proving ground and tank training facility. However, with the addition of NORAD it has become a support base for the installation, only a few miles away.

If you are ever in Colorado Springs go to NORAD, Garden of the Gods and the Air Force Academy. If you want to gamble, take the Old Stagecoach Road to Cripple Creek. But don't go to Fort Carson.

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