This node details many of the characters you can meet in the game Princess Maker 2 (so go read that node first, don't worry, this node will still be here).

The Rivals
  • Anita Cassandra is the most common rival for warrior girls. She is a real bitch. You can meet her in many different places, including the weapon and armor shops, the Harvest Festival, or she might just attack you in the street. Anita's skills will progress at roughly the same speed as your daughters. Making her a worthy opponent most of the time.
  • Wendy Lachesis is the most common rival for spellcasting girls (she is my favorite out of all of them). She is a brown haired girl, and wears a stylized wizards cap. She is by far the most friendly and polite out of all the rivals. You can meet her in the street, in the magic class, at the pawn shop, or at the Harvest Festival.
  • Marthia Shareweare (pronounced "Shareware") is the most annoying of all the rivals. She will become the rival of any girls who specialize in homemaking skills. Marthia is rather annoying, she really isn't a proper rival (even she admits that she isn't very good at anything). She also makes a guest appearance at the dance contest at each Harvest Festival (even though she always enters the cooking contest as well).
  • Patricia Hearn. Like, Oh my god! Its Alicia Silverstone! Patricia is the rival for girls who specialize in dance or high society (or any other cushy art type things). She is rather mean and snobby. You can meet her in art class, dance class, or at the Harvest Festival.
Family Members
  • Father. You play the role of the father, who seems to be completely devoid of all emotion, personality, or life of any sort. You are never even shown on screen (except for the opening sequence).
  • Cube. Butler, cook, and minor demon. That is Cube in a nutshell. Cube is a humanoid demon, he looks human, except for the fact that he has wings, and is cabaple of flight. Cube seems to know everyone in the entire game world (he even seems to have a backstory with many of the Deities). He seems to care more about your daughter than you do (and he will possibly marry her at the end of the game, depending on other circumstances).
People from the castle

All of these characters can be met only at the castle, and they will only say one of a few very limited phrases (talking to them can effect the outcome of the game though).

  1. Palace Guard
  2. Royal Guard
  3. General Kruger
  4. Minister of State
  5. Archbishop
  6. Royal Concubine
  7. Queen
  8. King
  9. Jester (Talk to him enough times and you will gain a magic harp).
  10. Young Officer (This is actually the Prince in disguise. He only shows up in January. Talk to him every month if you want to get the Princess ending).
Other Characters (far from complete)
  • Fay. She is the goddess of magic. Get good enough with your spells and she will visit you (she seems to have been a former lover, or rival of Cube).
  • The Dragon lives in the ruins near town. He has quite a thing for young girls, and will give you money and clothes if you are thin and pretty. His son may also propose to you (Cube knows these two as well).
  • Carl Fox is the trainer at the fencing school, and a mean opponent at the Harvest Festival. He also plays an important role in several of the ending sequences.

There are hundreds more characters in this game, many of which only have one or two lines. I listed most of the major ones here. But i am sure I probably forgot a few of them.

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